Camel Aerotech provides product life time services, which implies uninterrupted and constant customer support from concept design of customized product through the after sales services lasting to the end of product life. Further to that, every individual in the company are involved in customers services, and can contribute their efforts to satisfy our customers.Camel Aerotech never leaves customers alone. In fact, customer service is the corner stone of the company’s business philosophy. Our extensive experiences in the industry taught us the extreme importance of taking care of our customers with passion and enthusiasm.Camel Aerotech has invested extensively not only on technical services, part availability, and full range training to ensure customers’ equipments working well, but also how to deliver those services to customers timely and cost-effectively.


We guarantee our services in a timely manner by allocating service staffs or affiliate services partners along our customers’ job site, and building spare parts inventory can be easily accessed within 12hrs, which can be done before the equipments are in fully operations for the first time.

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