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Product Detail


Aircraft air starter unit
Aircraft air starter unit

Safety, reliability, durability, and maintainability are core concern of our product. Multiple protection systems against aircraft, engine and compressor minimize the potential damage, therefore ensure the operation is safe and reliable.
Standard features such as large access doors, remote lube oil drains, and maintenance-free batteries ensure ease of service. The unit consists of a diesel engine with proper horsepower rating, and air cooled, oil free rotary screw compressor and air regulating system, sound attenuation, and easy to operate control panel.

Ambient data
1. Temperature: -20 ℃ +50 ℃
2. Relative humidity: ≤95%

Operating Performance
1. Volume flow300 ppm@42psi

Standard Equipment
1.  Engine: DEUTZTCD2015V08 500KW/2100rpm
2.  Compressor:  GHH-RAND CDS26, air cooling, oil free, double screw rotary
Output (20℃RH≤80%, sea level)180kg/min
Discharge temperature≦210℃
3. Aircraft Protection System
Discharge air regulating valve   42psig(289kpag)
Discharge air safety valve    50psig(345kpag)
4.  Automatic Control System
Demand air throttle control
Dual-pressure regulation
Engine protection warning lamps and unit shutdown for high coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure
Compressor warning lamps and unit shutdown for high compressor oil temperature,  low compressor oil pressure and high output air temperature
5. Electrical system     24 V DC
6. 2pcs imported 40 feet lengthinner diameter 3½" pneumatic hose with ISO2026 coupling.

Trailor-mounted or truck-mounted

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